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Hi guys,

I brought my paperwork from Dr. Crist's upstairs so I can elaborate and of course I had forgotten some of it. Brain fog. :bouncing:

When he talked about the colloidal silver he also talked about something called "Lauricidin". It is a fatty acid and kills all viruses, bacteria, and fungal infections. He says it will be cheaper than colloidal silver and he is getting ready to do a research project with it with selected patients. I am still convinced after all the abx we have taken that something very simple will kill this. Go Dr. Crist!!!!

He also said that metabolism may play a role in your treatment and what works best and he is investigating this. He said he may soon offer oxygen treatments too. They are searching out a lab so they can test blood gases. If nothing else he is exploring all avenues and I think that is what gave me such confidence in him.

He is also studying the effects of Diflucan but not yet ready to say it kills the bacteria. He did say it helps women's hormones though. I thought that was interesting. He mentioned that memory loss and brain fog are the 3rd most complaint he hears from patients and recommended Cogimax 3X and Membrin. You might look these up if this is a problem.

He also gave me a handout titled IODINE. He states that he has tested 32 patients (recently I guess) and every one of them was low on iodine. He recommends IODORAL capsules. He said this can sometimes cause a herx so lyme patients should start out with just 1/2 capsule and increase the dose to 2 capsules 2x a day. He said some of your tissues that use iodine are white blood cells, thyroid, breast, liver, stomach, ovaries, uterus, & skin. You should take this for a year? Iodine helps the parietal glands in the stomach produce acid for people with poor digestion and helps sleep too. He claims this will lessen herx problems too. He did say initially you could have herx type symptoms but these will fade. But once the iodine stores in your body are better your herxes will be too. It is supposed to help with depression too. He said people with iodine levels that are low are usually low in zinc too. He likes the Iodoral because it has iodine and iodide. I guess you can be tested before and after taking this too for levels to see if needed.

All of this is his opinion so you might just run it by your physician after researching it if you think it is worthwhile.

The magnetic pad I told you about is by Dr. Dean Bonlie. He is actually a DDS. I haven't looked him up but maybe you all would like to. He claims that 91% were pleased with the results. I guess the name is Magnetico sleep pads. Again pretty expensive but may be worth at least looking up. I know how you all love to research. :D Hope all this helps somebody.


PS Jules, I don't know how to use spell check so I go back and correct all my mistakes by reading what I wrote. I know, I need to get a life!

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