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Hi To This Message Bare With Me....where Do You Live? In Russia? First Of All Don't Allow People To Get On You About How You Feel..from What I Have Learned Lyme Is A Cousin To Can Cause All Kinds Of Stuff..mental And Physical...your Question About Iv's...they Are Called You Do Not Stay In The Hospital With Them...what Happens Is A Tube (small In Diemeter) Is Inserted Into Your Forarm...into A Is Put Up Above Your Heart..inside Your Body..i Was Injecting Twice A Day With Do It Is Very, Very Is Done This Way To Help Keep The Strain Off Of Your Liver And Kidneys...the First Round That I Did I Was On The Pic-line For 6 Or 7 Months...then You Go And Get Tested Right After To See What Your Titers Luck.. Ha..i Was Biten Again The Next Month And Got Sick Again..had Another Pic-line Put In .....had That One For 3 Or 4 Months...the Thing You Really Need To Watch With Pic-lines Is Staph Infection At The Insertion Sight In Your Arm...i Had One Get Very Infected On Have To Really Keep It Clean...i Was On Oral Antibiotics For 6 Years...i Also Know Two Other Young Ladies That Had Lyme Really Bad..and Did The Oral. When They Were Put On Pic-line They Were Cured Takes Time!! But Seemed To Work Qucker Than Need To Be On A Couple Of Antibiotics ..not Just One...i Have Been To A Few Lyme Need One To Break Open The Cell Around The Bacteria..and Another To Kill Off The Bacteria..they Also Use Flagyl At Different Intervales...everyone Is Different And Responds To Different Just All Depends On The Person...i Wish You Luck..and Hope I Have Helped Your Concern About The Pic-line...if You Can Afford It ...go With It!! God Bless...

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