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Re: Hmmm...
Mar 3, 2006
Dear ImTheLucky1,

I was wondering also where your labwork was sent. I only showed 1 band thru both Quest and Labcorp but when my bloodwork was sent to Igenex it showed 4 positive and 1 indeterminate. Big difference. Although this is still a negative to the CDC it certainly made me feel better about my diagnosis by an LLMD. It also shows that Igenex does not say everybody is positive.

I think you said you were from Jackson, Tenn. A few years ago while travelling home (Mass.) we spent some time there. We had bought a first year on the market Aurora and had the wheels rotated before the trip and they didn't tighten the lug nuts on the wheels and the wheels were shimmying. The dearlership there treated us like royalty. We sold the car eventually but sure wish Oldsmobile hadn't gone out of business because I can honestly say I have never ridden in a more comfortable car.

My sister lives in Spring City, Tenn and works for an opthamologist who does visual screenings for some lyme patients who are on Plaquenil. The last gal she had come in commutes to New York to see her LLMD because she loves him that much.

I started seeing Dr. Crist in Springfield, Missouri last October and I am very impressed with his knowledge of lyme. Since you are in Western Tennessee I am not sure if this is any more convenient for you than N.C. Just a thought. I travel from Dallas and it is an 8 hour drive.

If you aren't satisfied with your test results do consider getting blood drawn and sent to Igenex and go from there. Believe me we have all gone the route of trudging from "specialist" to "specialist" and it was a waste of time. money, and health. Maybe your insurance would reimburse you and maybe it wouldn't but the Igm and Igg is just $190 total I think from Igenex and it will be the best money you have ever spent. If you choose to do co-infections later you can. Good luck.


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