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Any Advise!
Mar 3, 2006
Hi Everyone!
I am new to this site, was referred actually, and am hoping someone can shed some light on my Lyme ordeal. I guess I will start at the beginning.
About two years ago, I developed a silver dollar sized cirlcle bullseye on my abdomen. It wasn't bothering me, so I waited to see my doctor. Within a week or two I developed a raging fever and my bullseye was practically glowing, it was so hot and red. I went over to the local Immediate Care clinic and a doctor looked at it briefly, told me it was ring worm and sent me on my way (this was when I trusted my doctors).
Within 5 months of this incident, I began to delvelop chronic strep throat. Every two weeks to a month , I got sick. More recently, my chronic strep turned into constantly swollen thyroid glands, unexplained fevers, increased anxiety, excrutiating knee pain and razor blades in my throat. They thought it was GERD, a thyroid disease, mono, you name it, but all of my tests,even a CT Scan, are always clear. Their latest, due to my rementioning that "ringworm" incident, is that I have Chronic Lymes. I am on Doxy for 4 mos. now, but I had clear initial Lyme tests. Any light to shed? I cannot stay sick forever and this has been a nighmare. THANK YOU!

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