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Re: Igenex Lab
Mar 6, 2006
Dear Moecasy,

When I went to see Dr. Crist for the first time in October he said it was lyme. No more testing needed. I still asked for the Igenex test so I could validate myself. I didn't do co testing because he treats for co's regardless. When I went for a follow-up 2 weeks ago he could sit before me and explain why he felt it was positive regardless of why the CDC would say negative. To me that was priceless. He now says he is 99% sure. Just up a few points but good to hear. We had a discussion about insurance and how sometimes you need to be armed to fight them. We also agreed that nobody who has lyme would dream up all of the horrible symptoms. Like I told him I guess you could but nobody can make their temp read 95.1 for the fun of it.


Ps jillybean,

You can start out with the Igm and IgG with Igenex and then do the co's later. I think they can use the blood you have already sent them. My insurance is Texas High Risk and has separate deductibles ($2500) for in and out of network but they still reimbursed me for some of the testing. I was really pleasantly surprised. Maybe you can file yourself after you pay up front. Does your doctor understand co-infections? He sounds pretty knowledgeable.

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