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Last June we e-mailed Dr. David Jernigan asking for a phone consultation. I was so sick he would not do that, suggested I needed to see him now. Mike wanted to wait until Jan. (when he retired), I said I didn't think I could make it that long. So we left in 4 days.

I have never used abx. I felt like they would kill me. When we arrived in Kansas my liver was shutting down from all the ammonia. My heart was acting very weird, and my brain (I know know) had severe limbic damage, and moderate temporal damage, and mild prefrontal cortex damage. I had been on TOA Samento for 4 months and since I could not detox from it I just got sicker and sicker. My ND has had lots of success with Samento, but not with her cronic Lyme patients.

I was supposed to be in Kansas 2 weeks, I ended up there 3 weeks. It took 2 weeks to detox me before he could start on the Lyme protocol. He uses foot baths in his clinic, lympth drainage, saunas, and his LUX machine, which stimulates the body to repair at a celluler level.

After 2 weeks I started on the Microbojen and Borrelgon. I did not herx. I did not feel good, but that was from the Lyme. But I felt so much better than being on the Samento.

Had to go back to Kansas 3 months later.

I am going back this Sunday to use the LUX on my brain. I am now on drugs for the brain damage, and they are working, but really upsetting my tummy. But I am back to having lunch with friends, remodeling our basement, taking walks, swimming, etc. I still have a ways to go with the brain damage, but hoping the LUX is my answer.

You said:

I saw a naturopath today who treats primarily lyme patients, she and her whole family have lyme. I feel like this is the support I have been praying and looking for. She didn't have any magic bullet, make any promises, didn't feel like she was trying to sell me on a bunch of products, etc. She did suggest a detox program, start with basic building the immune system. All familar info. She was knowledgable, she said she knows many LLMD including Dr J, she carries his products too, attends the conferences and just seems well informed.

Really impressed that she didn't talk about a magic bullet - there is none don't we just wish. Also impressed that she wants to start you out with detoxing because that is my guess why the abx are making you so ill - not detoxing enough (just my guess from my experiences).

Like I said I leave Sunday, but if I can answer any more question before then, let me know.

Praying for your decision, I know it is a hard one that each of us has to answer for ourselves.

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