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Hi Guys:

Thanks for all your replys.

Jeanne: I am praying for you and I hope everything goes well at your visit next week. Please let us know as soon as you can post.

Denise: I love the comparison to the whales for a couple of reasons. First of all my husband is an environmental consultant and he is very concerned about water polution and what that does to our eco-system. That is his area of expertise. But, secondly- I had lost a bunch of weight (on purpose) before I got sick and who knows -maybe that is partially what has contributed to my illness.

I am going to start with the neruo-antitiox, but I am going to detox first. I am feeling soooo sick today that I would hate to start anything now since I wouldn't know if that was what was making me feel bad or if it was a herx. That is pretty much the dilemma I am in today anyways. I feel so bad, I am nauseated to the point of throwing up, very dizzy, my vision is really off today with a lot more floaters and my temperature is 95.7. All this along with the symptoms that I have that really seem like Babesia and I cycle through periods of having symtpoms that seem to be like Bartonella (sore feet in the morning, and the CNS stuff) I don't know if I am getting worse or if I am herxing. I am reduced today to tears which I haven't done since the beginning of this when I thought I was going to die. I am hoping that this Dr. that I am going to see on Thursday is lyme literate or I am really going to break down I can't take it anymore and I feel like I am missing out on my kids life. They are only little for such a short period and here I am spending it inside like a recluse. We were going to take them out to do some fun stuff today, but I can't do it so we are going to shoot for tomorrow. I hope I can pull it together by then.


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