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frango ~ i am on dr j's pale spike lobelia and also the new liquid verison of his nero-anti tox formula. i am unecided as to what is happening as of yet. i have been having a rough few weeks, but so many other things are going on that i can't be sure that it's not a reaction to those other stressors. but i have told myself i will continue on with them until i talk to dr c next week and see what he thinks about them and my meds. if i find out anything i will elt you know. i hope that you will see good tings soon from your new dr j treatements.

jeanne ~ have a safe trip and i pray you have a good visit with the doc. hopefully they can help resolve your med issues. i know that that has to be terribly hard on you. let us know when you get back home. :angel:

sleeper ~ so sorry to hear you're down. we all go there and i know you have been fighting this for a long time. will keep you in my prayers that you'll see a renewed step forward and an emotional lift to get you through this time. :angel:


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