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Hi Maureen,

This is going to be a brief post as I'm having some very bizarre brain fog and "spacey" feeling and overall flare-up but I will do the best I can for the moment.

I have only taken Flagyl for 1 week at a time and always in combination with the other meds. I have heard of some doctors doing a 4 week rotation in which the combo is taken for 3 weeks and then Flagyl on its own for the fourth week. The reasoning behind this, as I'm told, ihas to do with the timing of the Borrelia reverting to cyst or L-form.

The only real issue I had with the Flagyl is that it can make you nauseated, the best thing I found for that is New Chapter Ginger Syrup mixed with seltzer water. And of course no alcohol at all, not even communion wine or herbal tinctures.

I definitely noticed improvement with this regimen. For the past two months I have taken Ketek/Mepron without Flagyl and there seems to be more symptoms, don't know if that is herx related or if it's got to do with being off Flagyl.

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