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I am new here too.
Mar 10, 2006
What a strange experience this has been. Here is my story.
I live in Chapel Hill, NC and my house is basically in the woods with lots of deer, mice and yes ticks. We usually find get about 5-10 tickbites each every summer. I was bitten 8 months ago by a very small tick. Three weeks later I developed a 6 inch oval rash in a different location on my body. I considered lyme, but when I took my son in to examine his tick bite, they told me that anyone with lyme would get really sick soon after the bite and the rash would definitely be a bullseye and of couse it is really so rare here. I am sure many of you have heard that one! I know now they didn't really know much about lyme.
I was pregnant at the time and I did not start having symptoms till a couple of months after delivery. The most disturbing thing was the brain fog and drunk feelings. I had tingling, tmj pain, migrating joint pain, irregular period, rib pain and the rash seemed to come and go on my hands and feet but was smaller. All of my symptoms seem to come in 2 and 3 week cycles which led me to the doctor on numerous occasions. I did some research and found most of my symptoms seemed to fit lyme. I metioned it to my doctor several times and he told me it just can't be lyme (and wrote that I needed a psych consult on my chart). I was on my 5th doctor before anyone would even order a test. It was at a regular lab and came back negative. For my symptoms, my doctor put me on motrin, birth control pills, prevacid and zoloft. I was very frustrated and a doctor friend of mine gave me a 30 day supply of doxycycline. I started it and my symptoms seemed to come more randomly and some of the symptoms got worse. I finally got an appointment at j clinic in charlotte. I had my first visit a couple of weeks ago and I am waiting for various results to come back. I had an MRI today that my original doctor ordered and I am very nervous about the results as they seem to want to diagnose me with ms. That is my story so far. I am so glad I found this board. I am sure I will have lots of questions!

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