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I have had your symptoms to a 'T'. Except because I am in menopause they aslo set off 10 minute hot flases. 'Flashes" was a dumb name for what I had!!! Had a SPECT scan done at one of the biggest clinics in the US. Moderate brain damage in my temporal Lobes. Don't let this scare you though, I was assured by both dr. at the clinic and by Dr. Jernigan this will go away. In the meantime the brain Dr.s put me on Lamictal which helps a lot. The temporal lobes are supposed to filter out all the stimulus we have in live, but the ammonia from the Lyme damages them and they become underactive, so they don't filter out what they are supposed to do, hence the exact symptoms you are describing.

I am leaving Sunday for Kansas (my LLMD) hoping he can fix me so I don't need to be on the drugs.

But, don't panic, this is not permanent and will go away.


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