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Hello everyone. I am just getting some paperwork ready for my first LLMD appt. on Tuesday. Time is dragging by. I am no nervous and so excited at the same time.

I am reviewing my results and writing down some questions. I am a little confused on something though. Hoping someone with more knowledge than myself can help out.

My B. Henselae Igm is negative.
My B. Heselae Igg is positive. Does the Igm stand for present infection and the Igg for past infection? If that's the case does it mean it's truly positive? I couldn't figure this out on the websites I found.

Also, is it common for people who don't have Lyme to be infected with B.henselae?

Thanks guys...deb
hi debill, igg is past, igm is present.. i have lots of test igg positive, citomegalovirus, epstein bar and igm negative, doctors told me i had it at one moment, but not at the present..or i might be resistant to that... i am not sure how it works in lyme... very good luck to youu too!!!
Hi Deb:

My understanding of IgM and IgG is that IgM is the first response that your body makes. Shows exposure or in Lyme it can periodically peak in an unresolved infection or in chronic lyme. IgG shows up later and indicates exposure and a positive IgG can stay with you for life. It is important in lyme to look at both IgM and IgG. IgM is a sign of current infection, IgG is a sign of current infection in presence of an IgM response or past infection if IgM is negative. I will look this up, but I am pretty sure that is how IgG and IgM works. Bartonella is a co-infection that is seen with lyme. In the lyme information thread at the top of this page there are symptoms of Bartonella, check them out.


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