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hi guys!!!!! sooo tired!!! got there yesdary morning, from the airport to doctor, didnt have to wait..very nice staff... first talk to the assistant phisician, then doctor cameron came in and my doctor and him talk, my doctor expalin what i have gone though since july sin i had the rash, he said my lung infeccion was not really coneccted with lyme.. showed bloos test and igenex result..he said an indetarminate can mean yes or not, but acording to symtoms he will treat me as yes.. so gave 4 plans of treatment to my doctor..plan 1- 400 doxy and zotromax, so in 2 days will add 100 more doxy and zotromax for 6 weeks, if it works , keep going, if not, plan 2 and so.. he said is not his way to start aggresive, others doctors do it, but no him..i ask him about palsy.. because i am afraid i might get that beause of my tremosr and the rest and he said no, that i would it have it al˝ready since that starts at the beggining, i ask about co infeccions, and he said first to treat lyme, had the feeling he didin know much aboyut co infeccion and ask him i migh have babesioa since in the babesia microti i had in one 1:40, he said that is not a definitive result, i said that as i suspect i have it, would like to take artemisia, he said he didint know artemisia.. that really disapoint me, but my doctor from peru liked him and had the feeling that he was good... anyway walk the whole city looking for artemisia, health stores, etc and couldnt find it! can i take it while in antibiotics as zitromax and doxy? can somebody rcommend a brand and a place where i can order it?? he didint look at any mri, spect, or my 20 pounds of tests, only blood work, and mi doctor ead the cat scans report for him.. something i ddi like is he didint make me do any blood work.. he consider i had all, which is good, beause he could have order more to take money from me... i was with him about 40 min, he didict check me at all... he said by looking at my ashes couldt say much because that can mean tons of things... what do you think about it guys??? i am so tired write now , see you later and many thanks for all
by the way.. accoss the train station comming back from manhatan, while waiting for the trai, went in to gap store.. talking with the casshier, told here i just come to see the doctor, she ask, whats wrong? told her lyme, and she star tellilng me her son has it.. and was better, the the lady behind me heard the conversation and tol me i was very sick that almost die!!! and was m,uch better, couldnt talk more because the train was comming but got her email, will write her.. than saw lost of add on pepers in ny parks, saying to be aware of lyme.. and my doctor saw all least a south american doctor now, knows lyme can be everywhere!!!!}
hug to all of you

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