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Poisoned Muscles

Rocephin is a very harsh drug. I had to pulse it. Couldn't do 5 days in a row. I would do 2 skip1 then 2. IV MT & TF other days I didn't do rocephin but you still have to flush your line daily. Pain for a few days after having the Picc line placed is normal. I had to take tylenol or advil for the pain. Make sure you are taking a good probotic. & milk thistle helps clear the liver of toxins the rocephin kills.

Sorry I haven't responded to your questions. I am coming out of a 2 day migraine! And, I don' t always get on the site.

Yes, I have been doing the Rocephin through my PICC line for 9 months now. Since it seems that a lot of people on here have had trouble with various aspects of the PICC line/ rocephin, I am a little afraid I am going to jinx myself when I say that I haven't had any of those issues. (fingers crossed that I don't). From what I have researched about the rocephin, you have to be on it for a long time (sometimes more than a year). Also, the rocephin doesn't take care of the co-infections. I have tried zithromax, minocycline, tetracycline, & levaquin. I take a supplement called Immune Care 64 that my LLMD recommends. I am on Duragesic patch for pain (strength 100). I don't know how familiar you are with Duragesic, but it is basically morphine in a time-released patch. I'm also on ritalin (for energy-it really helps),cymbalta, fluconazole, and at night zanaflex and doxepin. I take vicadin for break through pain, and Axert for migraines.
I also take lots of very hot baths and use my infared sauna for pain. Sometimes I just can't sit in the sauna because of the pain...just can't get comfortable.

Am I better? Yes. I have to look long term though to see the improvement. Last year at this time I was on 150 Duragesic and using even more vicadin. There have been times when I thought I was getting much better, only to take a few steps backward. It is very frustrating as we all know. I believe that there is a pathway to healing for us all. It is just so frustrating to keep trying sometimes. The trial and error is sometimes very difficult. The levaquin for me was awful. I felt so terrible on that one. Next I will try biaxin or flagyl. My doc like to give each new med about 3 months before moving on.

Oh, insurance pays 80%, and once we meet our deductable ($5000 family), everything is covered 100%. We met our catastrophic deductable in sept. of last year, and will meet it pretty soon. So, after that it is all covered. My meds(esp. the duragesic are very expensive.

I have been through loads and loads of doctors like everyone else here on the boards, that the doc I see now always spends at least an hour with me, tells me all about his research, what he is thinking about trying, other cases like mine.... sometimes I am ready to go long before he is finished. The one thing I know is that he will keep trying to figure it out. He will always have another idea on what to try. It is nice having him in my corner. I have had docs tell me they have no idea what to do for me and not to scedule another appointment.

I also see a chiroprocator that does adjustments and acupuncture. This has also been helpful!

I hope I have answered some of your questions.
Prayers of healing to all,
Tami :)

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