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Dear TamKS,

I have been trying to respond to some past posts that intrigued me and today is the day. I am amazed that you have been on rocephin for 9 months. To me this is not encouraging unless you can tell me you are seeing improvement. I also wonder how you get your insurance to pay for it. I may end up on the IV again if the flagyl doesn't make me see some improvement but Dr. Crist prefers claforam or primaxin to rocephin because of the liver issues. That's okay with me since my enzymes went fro 40 - 743 after 9 weeks on rocephin about 1 1/2 years ago. Of course I didn't know about milk thistle at the time. A lot of little things resolved for me on the rocephin but nothing major. When the IV was stopped they all came back except the heart palps but even those crop up here and there. I honestly don't know how you tolerate biaxin/plaquenil and the IV. I had no problems with the IV but the B/P wasn't great fun. I hope you can tell us that the rocephin is at least helping and you are feeling a little better. I can't imagine the cost either. Unfortunately when I was on it I got caught between two deductibles ($5,000 total) when the year changed and will be paying the doctor for another year. That's one reason I hope I won't need to do IV because I still owe him $2200. He was an ID doctor and I will use him again if IVs are needed since Dr. Crist is in Missouri and I am in Dallas and he doesn't pressure for the money. I think they are just happy if you pay consistantly.


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