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Took another 10 giant steps back today. Was sent by Jemsek to Lake Norman Regional Hospital for scans. They found several blood clots in the vein with the picc line. One area right above heart and other under arm. They pulled line and call Jemsek and he in tern called blood specialist. They put me on 10 days blood thinning shots - one morning and one night. They go into stomach. Very painful. My daughter is going to be giving them. They are making appt for me to see this same blood specialist early next week.

I am having alot of pain in the arm and shoulder area and my arm is swollen. But I will get thru this. I REALLY NEED YOUR PRAYERS. If one of these clots breaks loose the first place it goes is to the heart. I know God is in control. But I am a little scared.

Prayers .......Marsha
Dearest Marsha,

You have been through so much and I know you will be okay. I would not like the shots either but they are going to help you.

I would be scared too about the clots. I would think between Dr. Jemsek and the blook specialist, if they thought it was that serious, they would have insisted that you go into the hospital.

My prayers are with you, going to talk to my "special angel" right now for you.

Love to you my friend! :angel: :angel:
Oh Marsha honey.

I'm sorry to hear you are having such problems. Clots floating around in your body is a scary thing. Try to have faith. Those shots sound terrible. They will help you though so try to bear it.

You will be in my prayers kiddo.
Dear Marsha,

I am so sorry. I guess the shots they are giving are heparin or something like it. Dr. Crist even talks about heparin therapy. Wouldn't it be something if this freaks out the little buggers and sends them scurrying? Stranger things have happened! I know your business was set to open soon but please take it easy for a while. Put your feet up and enjoy American Idol tonight. Prayers and ((((((hugs)))))).

Thanks Denise, Mickie, and Maureen

I did put my feet up and watched American Idol. Shots are something like heparin, don't remember the name. Kids are running the business for me. (at least for a wk or so)

Didn't tell you all, but my older sister died from a blood clot and my twin lost most of his intestines from blood clots. Was told several years ago that my blood was thick and to never miss a aspirin. I did miss 2 the weekend I had food poisioning and couldn't even keep my pills down. Don't know if this is connected. Also have heard thick blood and lyme go hand in hand.

I don't plan on lifting a finger at least on my left hand for the next few days. Guys I don't know what I would do with you. Don't think my lyme needs to be on hold, but I guess it is till I go back next week and see what the new game plan is. A customer came yesterday and when she found out I had lyme, she said she would lift me up every day by name. I know the Lord is hearing my name alot. Love you guys....Marsha
So sorry Marsha that things are going poorly for you right now. I hope your able to relax a little bit. Those shots should straighten things out rather quickly. The words blood clot are always scarey to hear but they caught it rather quickly and you are on the right medication now. Your blood can't clot if it's really thinned out so try not to be scared. I am sure your doctor told you this but be careful not to cut yourself or anything. Especially shaving your legs or something.

I will keep you in my prayers tonight. My church is having a special service on Friday night and I will remember everyone from these boards when I ask for the Lords help.

Hope tommorow brings sunshine your way..deb

I wanted to tell you I am thinking about you. Keep those feet up and take it easy. Whatever needs to be done will still be there tomorrow or next week or whenever. You'll get to it then.

I am sure everything will be OK. If the Dr thought it was a critical situation he would have put you in the hospital.

Take care of yourself and you are in my prayers.


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