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So glad you have a new game plan. I have blood clots in my left upper chest and under the arm. I started the Levanox 80mg twice a day to thin my blood. My daughter came over last night to give me the first. I gave myself the one this AM. They do go in the tummy area (not close tothe belly button area. Giving it doesn't hurt but afterwards it hurts like crazy . I am to do this for 10 days and I see a specialist next week. I will give you add'l info if you need.

They did pull my picc line yesterday when they found the clots. I go back next week to Jemsek Clinic for new game plan.

Couple years ago when symptoms had gotten really bad and I went to Neurologist and he said my blood was too thick. I think the clots started when I had to miss 2 aspirins because of food poisioning (could keep them down)


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