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Thaks for your help everyone, just done a search myself and yea we definetly have it hear and its on the increase!!

Maureen my symptoms are:

Feb 2005: flu like illness with headaches and lightheaded/dizzy feelings and numbness upper left arm which only lasted a few hours - Dr said I had the flu and a trapped nerve in my elbow? - flu symptoms went after a three or four days, but dizzy feelings hung around for a few weeks. I then sort of recovered.

June 2005: Headaches/dizzy feelings again, numbness in upper left arm, tingling in arms and face. This was then followed by acheing forearms then acheing upper arms, muscle twitching in calves and triceps muscle, blood pressure slightly high, feeling unsteady on my feet. Go into local supermarket and the lights make me feel dizzy and like im going to fall over also get the same when I went to hospital for tests. Arms felt like they were burning up had to keep running them under cold water tap. Dizzy fog!! horrible confused and forgetful locked myself out of my house took some headaches tablets then remembered i had taken some just an hour earlier!! Dr and nuro say I have stress, which is true im stressed as to what all these strange symptoms that are happening to me are?

November 2005: loud bangs from fireworks starle me, burning sensations in the back of legs, ringing in my ears, no energy i'm shattered!!

symptoms just wax and wane here one day gone the next and replaced with something else, good days/bad days/very bad days.

March 2006: normal brain and spine MRI scan. normal neuro exam. normal blood tests. normal b12 test. normal ana blood test. diagnosis again stress!!!

any suggestions Maureen??



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