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When my symptoms started, It took 2 1/2 months before positive bloodwork came back. 3-4 weeks after a hike my Joints hurt, then aching arms and numbing frozen pain in foot. Lyme was negative from my general Doc and so was any inflammatory markers. The pain traveled to legs etc. Finally bloodwork came back saying i had Myositis. Elevated CPK, Aldolase,
C reactive protien and a Positive ANA pointing to polymyositis or lupus. 1 month of prednisone and more tests proved it wasnt auto immune completely. Bloodwork was normal again for a while. Finally I was diagnosed with Lyme and an auto immune response to lyme. (11 months later, 19 doctors) When I was put on antibiotics my CPK went up to 2700, which is very high and shows serious muscle inflammation. Its wierd At times the pain has been the worst, the cpk is normal. Its when weakness comes thats when my CPK has gone up. They call it Lyme Myositis which can happen. Its frustrating when everything comes back normal.
Definately get your bloodwork sent to that lab IGENEX. Thats were my lyme came back positive. Some docs will put you on Antibiotics if they suspect lyme, find one of those docs. Sooner the better
Good Luck

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