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Hi All!

This is the first post i've done on lyme disease. I've been posting on ms...but i'm not sure what's goin on with me. Here's the thing. I have symptoms that seem to be either lyme or ms...and i understand they crossover a lot! I've had things like probs with one eye being blurry or hurting BAD...probs with legs hurting bad...both, but mostly my left leg. Times of numbness in my hands...mostly in my fingers...and in my feet...mostly in my toes. Over the years..about 5-7..i've had probs with memory getting really bad. This last month has been BAD. I started to notice numbness in my whole foot and up my legs, in my arms and hands, all over me basically. I began getting the room was spinning around me. I was REALLY off balance and kept having to "catch" myself when standing completely still. My legs began to jerk as well as my arms and hands. I can't "be still". It wakes me up at night, tho not often. Heat makes it worse...not just outside heat..or getting worked up...but heat from food, drink etc. I've seen a neuro and he did blood work for lyme disease. I live in an area affected by hurricane katrina...southern mississippi..and of course during that time we were out of water, power...EVERYTHING..for three weeks. I got bit by a tick during that time..but we were aware of things like that to watch for. We'd take cold baths at hot water!...and they were by candle when i found it i felt sure it was from that day and hadn't been there too long..i got it off and felt sure i'd gotten it all. I didn't develop a rash or any other signs of any probs with that tick. I felt fine. O yeah...the heat sensitivity didn't come til this last i was ok during the power outage! Anywy, the blood work came back and the nurse tried to explain it...she said one test was for muscle inflamation and it was normal and the other was for inflammatory types of arthritis...and it was normal. Can that mean i dont' likely have lyme disease??? I've also had an mri and gotten a copy of the report which said nothing of leisions...but i still have to see my neuro for the interpretation of all this. Can anyone shed any light on my situation?? I will be seeing the doc again about all this...but not til Apr 14th, so i'm anxious and worried.

Thanks for all u'r help!

Hi Rhondabuzz,

Welcome! First of all, I am so sorry that you had to go through Hurricane Katrina, I have a couple of friends who lost their homes from that hurricane. It's all so sad.

As far as Lyme, your symptoms could be lyme related and not be MS at all as many members here were first diagnosed with MS to find out later on they really had Lyme Disease.

I suggest that you get your blood sent to IgeneX Labs located in Palo Alto, CA.

You can order the test kit yourself but you will need a doctor's signature for the tests. There are the initial tests just for lyme itself, then there are more tests for co-infections such as Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis, Bartonella, Mycoplasma. I believe each the co-infection tests cost about $175.00 each.

It will be the best money you ever spent.

If you read the "sticky" thread at the top of this board called "Lyme Disease Information" it gives you all the symptoms of Lyme and each of the coinfections.

What I find interesting about your post is your sentence about heat. Lyme spirochetes (bacteria) do not like heat and the lyme spirochetes go chasing off to another part of the body to try to escape the heat. They also like living behind the eyeballs because it's a great place for them to hide, causing blurry vision and eye problems.

Do you know where your blood was tested? Did you have the Western Blot done? If you blood was sent to Quest or Labcorp, I wouldn't trust the results because those labs are the worse and not accurate at all.

I look forward to hearing from you,

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