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hi b. bees, ! i also recomend igenex..thats is the only research laboratoty in the world and they only research lyme...yo can just do the igg and igm, in think is 195$ both, i did the co infeccions too, and babesia microti, babesia fish, bartomella and erlichia..that one is a bit expensive, i think was something like $600, but that my piece of mind,. but no really because showed something of a titer on babesia but the babesia fish was negative, and the good thing is that you can always ask doctor harris, i have called him like 20 times and he didnt got bored of me..i hope soo...i think havin the test is a good thing, in my case, if mune have been negtive, i wouldnt have found any doctor here willing to treat me,,, so having a ind or positive test is usefull for you to have your doctor treated, even my doctor here is not convince i have it..he said might have it.. i told him and indeterminate plus my symtoms should not leave any doubt... but still...

hi debil! have you sent your blood out? what tests are you getting?how are you feeling? i also tested positive for epstein bar, the igg, my doctor said thats past.. that i had it at some point and not anymore and that i lot of pleople had it with out noticing......
Hi Burnt Bees

Sorry you have to be here, but you will find lots of caring people and good info.

I wanted to stress getting to a LLMD even if your other Dr told you this is a negative.

I went to a LLMD to see what tests I needed to order, she wrote an rx and my neuro ordered them through Igenex at my insistence. When the results came back from Igenex my neuro called to tell me they're negative. I was depressed to say the least. After 6 years of declining and being dx with MS I researched lyme and thought this is it. Well I was so down I didn't call the LLMD and thought the neuro must know how to read the report, Right?

A week later I got a copy of the report from the LLMD with a note written on it that this was positive for lyme. IGM was + and IGG was -. Interpertation is everything and LLMD explained why this was considered a positive. I called Igenex and spoke with Dr Harris and said 1 Dr says neg and 1 says positive what do you think??? Dr Harris explained why results were considered positive and what different bands mean.

What I'm saying is interpertation is everything. Even good lyme tests come back negative and LLMD know this and treat based on symptoms. Lyme is a complicated disease that Dr are not knowledgeable about. I recommend having the tests thru Igenex and going to a LLMD no matter what the results. Don't cross lyme off the list until you talk to someone who knows about this. Lyme can be very serious if not treated.

Best of luck and iof you need a LLMD in your area just tell us where you are.


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