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Ok, this might be a lot. But first, the symptoms I'm experiencing are:
Pressure in head
Occasional muscle twitching
Pain in neck
Sore throats
Worsening vision, blurry
Pain in eyes
Sensitivity to light
Sometimes one ear seems blocked off :confused:
Pain in ears
Ringing in ears(constant, noticed most when trying to lay down)
Irritable bladder(seemingly go a lot more lately)
Muscle pain(arms and legs)
Difficulty breathing
Chest pain
Fatigue/weakness(yet I'm unable to sleep well at times)
Lightheaded(not often)
Panic attacks/anxiety
Difficulty concentrating sometimes
Weight loss
Loss of appetite/increased appetite(changes)
Swollen lymph nodes(really worries me) :eek:

I found two ticks on me a little over a year ago. They were small and were pulled off(without tweezers). Months after that, I was sick and it felt a little like the flu. However, the doctors office was closed that day so I had to go to an express place. I was diagnosed with sinusitis and given medicine for that, which made things worse and caused me to be nauseous. Around the same time, I had to go to the dentist for a toothache and he said I had a small cavity forming in that tooth and I had fillings done. I had also noticed a swollen lymph node on the right side of my neck, but was told it was probably from the sinusitis. My gums started bleeding, and became very irritated with ulcers, and I noticed white stuff on the back of my tongue which I assumed was thrush, along with that more lymph nodes started to swell on the same side of my neck. From the base up to behind my jaw. My gums feel better from time to time, but now my tongue hurts in places when simply talking or eating, and my sore throat is persistent lately. I told the doctors I was concerned over oral cancer, but my dentist saw no indications and the ENT I was referred to told me the lymph nodes weren't abnormally swollen and he felt that we should just watch and see if any growth occurs. So I'm currently waiting for my next appointment with the ENT, which is Friday. Since the last visit, I've noticed some swollen lymph nodes on the left side of my neck as well, almost in the same places. I read somewhere that dental problems can be related to lyme disease, but it didnt explain what. Can these be related in any way?

I also had to go to the ER a few weeks ago for chest pain and difficulty breathing. They said it sounded like anxiety to them, so they gave me a dose of Ativan(lorazepam) to help me sleep and suggested talking with my doctor about anxiety. He put me on Zoloft(all of my symptoms started before taking any drugs, so it's not side effects).

The ringing in the ears is very annoying. Sleeping with a tv on helps some, but it sounds like I'm hearing crickets all the time. And strangely, it sounds like it's only in one ear. :confused: But anyway, I'm just wondering if this sounds like lyme disease, or maybe a combination of LD and something else with all the dental problems. Any help/info is greatly appreciated. Sorry if I wrote a lot.. Thanks for taking the time to read this. God bless. :)

Oh yeah, more stuff. Forgot to mention my doctor heard a heart murmur during a ckeck-up. He had an EKG and echocardiogram done, neither showing anything serious I guess. I think he called it an 'innocent murmur'? Not sure if that has any significance.

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