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LLMD visit
Mar 19, 2006
We all saw the llmd today.... it was so depressing!

Our son is doing good.... although I am mad cause there was a mis- communication between his staff and us, our pharmacy put 0 refills on septra and his office said well if its 0 then he should only be on it for 30days.... the llmd was on vacation and never got our message so we assumed it was for only 30 days, well he wanted him on zithro and septra for the enite time (2 months) inbetween visits... so he only got 30 days of septra and then the 2 months of zithro. DH is good at keeping notes at work about our sons herxs and behavoir... we noticed he had some rebellion after septra but no reflux! so we are doing it again and check in, in 2 months again.

My husband, well he is going off diflucan staying on augumentum and adding in either zithro or biaxan, my husband works closer with a local LLMD dr G so they will make that decsison about what second med to add in, its been working out good for my husband to see Dr H every 3-5 months to make sure he is on the right path. He did say he was starting to think Iv meds for him, if there is no improvment. He also checked out his broken rib.... our son finally broke daddy while jumping on him...

And me.... its pretty sad. He suspects based on my heart history and now endo problems that I am dealing with bartonella, I am having a MDL and igenex test done next week to find out. He also suspects our son to have it (via from me) He wants me still on doxy & Plaquinel but wants me to start septra in 2 weeks once I am good from my laproscopy surgery. He was also seems sad that I did not pursue seeing Dr C in sacramento who specializes in endo removal and endo with lyme.... I figured I would do my local dr again for this in hopes its just fluke that I have endo again from the cyst and its not really lyme related.... the idea of traveling by plane to have surgery then recover in a hotel room was not my idea of endo laproscopy.... I plan to talk in detail this week at my pre op with my uro gyno about his techniques on how to remove it verse how this "other" Dr says to remove it... it will be touchy to make sure I don't step on any toes....

He also suggested that I might be going on Rifampicin? (I had riphampian down in my notes, I might of wrote it down wrong when he spelled it out) which I think is IV.... so I wasn't happy to hear that.

I am finding it harder and harder to not walk out of there with a pool of tears in my eyes. We sat on the beach for a while afterwards just staring at the ocean while our son scaled the "sand hill".

At least he knows how to end the appointments right... he said we all will get better.... its now 18 months later.... I sure hope so.... I guess I have to have patience :)

I bought my mom a plane ticket to come out and take care of us next week whle I recovery from Lap.... She doesn't really understand this "lyme" thing and has been in denile for the last 3-4 years of my illness. It will be nice to have here hear.

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