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Hi Peregrine:

FISH is a genetic test. It stands for [I]fluorescence in situ hybridization[/I] This is a different test from the blood tests for Babesia. The blood tests look for antibodies. The FISH test looks for specific DNA markers. They put the blood on a prepared slide and add different fluorescent dyes that they then look at under an electron microscope. They have found different markers for different diseases and that is how FISH is done. It takes more prep time and the scope is expensive so this test costs more than to IgG and IgM antibody tests.

hi peregrine, there are a few names for babesia at igenex... i had done 3, beause babesia was the co infeccion that concern me the most, there other 3 are treated with same antibiotics as lyme, while babesia is a parasite, and treated with antiparasites..if you are really concern, have the igg, igm and the fish, doctor harris suggest me doing the FISH, my doctor told me that the FISH test was a very sofistiocated one, since they use i think nuclear contrasts, i understand is more acurate than the babesia microti agg and igm, and since my igm showed some titer, doctor harris did the FISH, if yiou are goint to have blood work done at igenex, i would do the FISH as well, specailly if you are really concern, thats me

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