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And anyone that can relate. So I started Rocephin 5 times a week, its my second week. I flared on the 5th day. My flares are always different. Mostly intense deep pocket muscle and tendon pain in various parts of my body. This flare started with weakness in my ankle and then moved to both legs within hours and i could barely stand from weakness. That went away over night and moved into the tendons along my middle lower back. My doc sais this is classic. Usually a good day consists of aching in my arms. Other times i have extreme burning pain in arms or legs. I take lyrica for the burning
I also take vicoden to take the edge off.

Since the IV pic i cant work as much. I own and work in a salon. My arm hurt after trying to cut hair for more than 3 hours. Like i was irritating the iv pic, so finally decided to cut back. Doc sais Ill get better quicker if i cut back. Its hard for me cause im ALL or nothing. I want to get better SOOOOO bad. Im also on biaxin and plaquenil. I started 8 months ago with doxy and zithro then to rocephin 3 times/week with biaxin/plaquenil. Its alot of ups and downs for me too. I saw 19 docs and it took 11 months to get diagnosed. I had a positive ana with myositis and elevated c react protien, and low c3 compliment and also a positive test for rocky mountain spotted fever. These tests later were negative. I see DR Fien in NJ. Shes awesome and will always try new things and sais we have options. I dont have a super strong positive lyme, sometimes. Shes not concerned about that.

All I know is I NEED to get better so I can get back on my surf board and back behing my drum set. Also my ever growing Salon PURE ENERGY is ready to expand, so Im excited to see results so i can make that happen.
Ill take any advice out there.
Tamks - What are your pain symptoms and what works best for each type of pain? And do you see improvement from Rocephin? You say it takes a while
Does anyone experience similar pain that I do?
Thanx ALL

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