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Shanna- I just have a concern that my plan isn't as individualized as his other patients. It seems that you and Maureen's are more customized. Does this come with time? Did he start you on the oral Doxy too and just go down the list? I just feel like it has just recently spread all over my body and I want to be aggressive so it doesn't get worse. I guess we all feel this way! BT, did you do the hypercoag test, the CAVITAT and the other tests on the list?[/QUOTE]

i completely understand your feeling and need to want to hurry. i was that way too. but i will say this, that dr c assured me that lymes grows very slowly so that by giving orals a chance to work will not endanger you to getting worse fast. but if you do start feeling increasling worry that things are spinning out of ontrol, do tell dr c. i know he is very open to what his patinets need and are feeling, so if iv's are somthing you want to consirder right away just make sure you tell him. from what i know over the year of working with him, he likes to start on orals (i also started on doxy too) and see how it goes. and there is a defintie plan of attack that he's laid out in general for his lyme treatment, based on all of his experience with many many patients. but he does customize it as needed, like for me when i continued to get worse and worse when i was on the doxy he moved me right to iv's, then when my insurance pulled them it was back to orals. even so with all my bad herxes we skipped around alot on the orals but nothing worked even at low level pulsing, so now i am on drug holiday trying to work out the kinks in the overall puzzle so that in a few months i can go back in and kill some more keets. as to all the testing...i did the ingex lyme igg and igm, plus the hypercoagulation and the one (forget the name) that tests brain transmitter levels like seratonin, etc as neruo stuff was and is my biggest problem. even though my coagulation test was abnormal at the time a year ago we couldn't afford to do more than attack the lyme first, because we had to do that plus the neruotranmitter protocol b/c my levels were almost non existant at that time. but my advice is do what you can when you can and trust that it's enough for the moment, always along the way you can add more if it helps you fight along the way.

sorry this turned out so long, but hope i answered your questions. hope your call to dr cs staff goes well and they can calm and help sort things out a bit for you.


(ps...if you do want to read my story, it's on the last page of the info status thread, although as i was rereading it had a lot of brian frog that day apparently and left out some stuff and it's not up to date, but you do get the picture though)

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