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Welcome to the lyme board. I am sorry you have to be here too. I know you are in very good hands with Dr. C. I don't see him, but I know there are many here who do. If it were me and I had concerns I would have no qualms about contacting my LLMD with questions. This board is a great place to come for support and help. In my non-medical opinion, you are going to need more than 400mg of doxy, but who knows. I think you sound like you have your bases covered with the pro-biotics and vitamins.

I also have neurologic, joint, and cardiac involvement. I started at 200mg doxy and around day 4 I started to herx pretty bad. burning sensations, tingling and really bad tremors-BUT, everyone is different and not everyone herx's. After a month I switched to Ceftin which seemed to help more with the neurologic stuff for a while, but then I felt like I was just holding my own. I finally found an LLMD in MN and last week he upped my Ceftin another 1000mg and added Ketek. I am herxing again now and it has been4 days.

This is such a great board with wonderful, helpful supportive people. Feel free to throw out any questions you have.

I am sure you are on your way to better health...


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