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Thanks Denise and everyone else who has been helpful.

Denise I have a question... it says on the igeneX site that you could start with the basic panel and then if that comes negative order more tests. this seems practical, as they might spot the lyme from the beginning, thus saving me a lot of money I don't have! I sent the customer service at igenex an email and this is what it says:

Hello. I am interested in ordering your test kit for lyme disease, as I was tested by labcorp here in NJ and came up negative. From a past inquiry i understand that my general practitioner has to order this test and sign for the blood work. I am having a bit of trouble understanding which test to order, as there are many different types, along with the co-infections. Can I start with the most common tests and then order others if I deam it necessary? I am working with a small budget and I don't think this test is covered by my insurance, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield. How much will this cause? Does my doctor have to call igeneX and order the test or send away for it, exactly how does this process work? Also what if I come up negative with igeneX tests, does that mean I don't have lyme, because I read that lyme could hide from all tests until antibiotics are started and then your body produces the antibodies for it. Apologies for all the questions but I am very confused as I have been having strange neurological symptoms and tested negative for all sorts of diseases, and am concerned for my well-being.

Now I am very concerned about the last bit, because I read that the lyme can hide from blood tests. Could it even hide from igenex tests? what if it did and then you never took antibiotics to treat it and ended up very sick in the end? Is it possible to see an LLMD and be put on antibiotics even without a diagnosis? I thought I had MS but my scans were clear and I don't have optic neuritis, so obviously my blurry right eye is stemming from something else-- maybe the lyme... also I have a lot of joint pain and creaking joints (esp. neck and jaw) but no arthritis... so my symptoms are unknown... wouldnt that send up a red flag for an LLMD? I just want this all to go away, I am only 19 and I feel like someone stole my life from me... i am just a big bag of worry now


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