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Thank you Maureen for your kind thoughts. I will get the tests through igenex as soon as possible. Obviously igenex will send me copies of my results... And if the IGG and IGM tests throught Igenex are negative, should I knock Lyme off my list of possibilities or see Dr. Cameron anyway? I hate to say this because I know how detrimental lyme has been to many people, but part of me hopes it is lyme because if not i think I am looking at the beginning stages of multiple sclerosis that haven't shown up yet on MRIs, and that is just the scariest thing. :eek:

Again, thanks to all for the support... i am so glad i could talk to real people who are experiencing life as I have been, my thoughts are with all of you to be well.

hello again. igeneX website makes it pretty easy to decide which kit to start with but I do have one question regarding this:

What Test(s) to Order

Based on our tracking, as well as input from our client physicians and our clinical consultant, the initial tests to order for Lyme disease are the IGeneX IgM and IgG Western Blot and PCRs. The Western Blots are used to determine if the patient is making antibodies. Since some patients do not make antibodies, the Lyme Serum PCR for DNA (# 453) or the Lyme Whole Blood PCR for DNA (# 456) is included in the initial panel.

Thus, the Initial Lyme Panel includes both Western Blots and your choice of PCR:

* Panel 5000:
#s 188, 189 & 453 (PCR—serum)
* Panel 5010:
#s188, 189 & 456 (PCR—whole blood)

now the way i interpret this is for $195 you get the western blot IgM and IgG plus either the PCR serum test or the PCR whole blood test, which test for DNA Should I choose the whole blood or the serum, i don't understand the difference. I hope someone could explain this to me!

hi michelle. i rcomend you get tested and go and see him with the results, he will have a more clear frame of whats going on with you..i recomend you have blood tests for lupus, such as ana, a rbc, all the basic tets,bring you mri, cat scans reports, dont take the actual xrays because he wont see it, i took a full case of that and he just reads the reports..have your doctor made you inmune blood tets,hiv, sphylis , epstein bar, citomegaluvirus, he would like to see those kind of tests, so if yiu can have it done, you would defenitely will doing some saving,do also a liver enzymes, thats a very important one, he would like to see how is your liver in order to give you medication...and of course, you take your igenex test...have your igenex test as soon as posible since it takes like 10 bussiness days to have your results.. your doctor have to order it, and the results will be sent to your doctor... by the way, those pannels at igenex at $390, i really would recomend you to do the igm and igg, those are the ones $195 good luck!!serum blood is just regular blood, whole blood is without the clots.. if you are mailing the blood i recommend you serum, because of the travel, if you choose whole blood it may be ruined, but is actually the same... i will recommend you to wait for your results, i was like you, i knew i had something, so i was alrady thinking if lyme is negative which one will be the next one... tray to stay calm, if your tests show negative, you mught want to send urine sample, i spoke to doctor harris about what if my blood came out negative, so igenex sent me the unit kit just in case, i didnt have to do that tests thanks good, since my test showed indeterminte wich is consider positive, so dont worry...we are here to help you, we all know how you feel and you ar enot alone... good luck!

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