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Hello burnt,

Dr. Harris told me over the phone which tests to have down and what color tubes to have it put in. My doctor then wrote a script out for them and I called around until I found a lab/hospital in my area that had drawn for Igenex before. I enclosed my payment in the box that the lab sent out. I didn't get a I assume the kit might be easier.

My sx's started 10 years ago this summer. I had a rash on my upper thighs that no one knew what it was followed by what I thought was the flu. Lyme disease never entered my mind. It should have since my now ex-husband worked in the woods and I was always picking ticks from him and his clothes. Next started the pins and needles in my face, left arm and leg. Then I entered the high anxiety/depression. Over the years I have had so many symptoms I know that I can't remember them all. Fatigue, burning and stabbing sensations, numbness, shortness of breath, chest pain, knee and hip pain, mental confusion, rashes, loss of hair, circulation problems, sensitive to the heat and cold, dizziness, vertigo, restless legs, twitching. I am sure there are more but right now I am going through a new one..insomnia..and I am mentally drained.

I was first dx'd with probable MS. All of my MRI's and spinal taps have been negative. Then I was told it was all in my head which made me go off the deep end. Now I have been told mixed connective tissue disease. Again, all my testing for that is negative. I have had many Sed rates, ANA's, anti-ro, anti-sm. anticardiolipin, sjorens, etc. My lyme test is indertminate but with several positves bands. I can't remember which bands right now.

Get copies off all your labs. Then make a copy of those and keep a set for yourself and a set for your LLMD.

You need to be aggressive to find an answer. Even if it ends up not being Lyme you have to be your own advocate. Don't depend on doctors to know all the answers. Research..Research and Research some more until your satisfied.

Good luck to you and stick around..this is a great place to be.


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