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Thanks Frango, Denise and Maureen

I so much appreciate the prayers. Denise the prayer angel sounds beautiful. I know our faith gets us through.

Maureen my business is set to open Saturday. I held off all March. Sent out over 250 cards to my established customers before all this hit. Thankfully I have great kids and they will run it for me Saturday. I may go down a few times but they will handle most of it. My sister is also coming over to help, she is an old hand at water gardens. But you know from your crafts, people still come to you. So many of my customers knew about the lyme and haven't seen me since Fall. I will have to speak to some. Hey, they have been praying for me, sending me cards, calling. They are more than customers, they are my friends. But I do promise, I will take alot of breaks, sit alot.

I know I am not out of the woods, and will not take chances. Promise.

I haven't read all the threads, I know Dork mentioned Jeanne (they were still in Kansas) and said she would give us the news. Have I missed it?????


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