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Visit with Dr Chai, Blood specialist at the Cancer Center. He reviewed the scan results and records sent from LLMD. Said my clot was serious. I would need to be on injections another 10 days and to start coumadin 6mg tonight. It will take time for the coumadin to get into my system so I have to overlap. I am to go to my MD weekly to have my blood tested. He said I have high homosystein and with family history he did a blood study to check for a marker that shows I am predisposed to blood clots even tough I don't show a blood deficency. If conditions are right, it could happen again. He said I will be on coumadin for 3 months and go back to him before I stop. His office had called but had already left the office when I called them back. I have to call them tomorrow morning for some reason. They may have run a clotting test and be calling to tell me how to adjust my med.

My LLMD said all treatment is on hold while they try to get my blood stable. Any antibotic I go on (or any over the counter med) will affect my clotting time. Hopefully this will also get my system "washed out" from all the meds. My dr said that I was one of the more unusual cases. They red flag the problem files to discuss on Wednesday before you are to be seen. She said my case was red flagged way to often. She also said they only scanned from my picc to the neck vein. She didn't rule out there could be another clot formed somewhere else. I go back to LLMD in 6 wks unless it gets so bad I cannot wait.

I do feel really crummy. My neck is swollen, down into my shoulder. Even my wrist is larger than my right one. Both Drs did agree the blood clot was the most serious matter and had to be put first.

Larry is not doing well. He had no one to help him today. My daughter took me so my 5 yr old granddaughter stayed here and helped him. He said she did great. Not a pest and answered at least 20 calls. No one except me got put through to Larry. With no one here to put the ice packs on his nose every 30 min and they stayed on 20. His nose, his whole face is very swollen. He told me he really missed me. I did this until midnight last night and then was up with him before 7 this morning. I know this stress is not what clots and lyme need but a person must do what he must do. This is my sweetheart. He has been there for me through all the years of this mess.

I hope you all have some good news. I really need some. But like I told the PA at LLMD office today, the Lord doesn't put more on us than we can handle. So WE can handle this.


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