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Dear Frango,

Sorry it took so long to respond but didn't even get on the computer yesterday. I don't know if I have babesia but I suspect it because of something I read in the Stephen Buhner book "Healing Lyme". It says it can impair arm and leg function and those are my biggest problems. I feel as though I should try the artemisinin just to see if I have any response to it but dealing with 4 months of flagyl as it is. I never really had the "sweats" just a general feeling of being warmer than usual and always chocked it up to menopause maybe. Now I wonder. I did have the heart palps though until I was given that rocephin for 9 weeks. A lot of little symptoms fell away while on that but that is the only one that stayed away. Dr. Crist as you know treats all the co's regardless and I was on the clind/quinine for three 10 day rounds alternated with two 10 day rounds of biaxin/plaquenil. Believe it or not the palps came back recently ever so slightly and I wonder if the meds woke up a sleeping giant. I'm not really worried about it though because it is so slight and may just be a reaction to the flagyl.

As far as the tremors (twitching) goes the same book says to take a combo of magnesium, B6, & B12. I just use nature made magnesium and B6 from the grocery store but I did get a sublingual B12 from Enzymatic Therapy. The twitching pops up ocassionally but the combo has helped tremendously. I only take one of each at lunchtime but was taking more and was having more problems so I cut back. I even get the twitching after a detox bath and wonder if my system can only handle so much magnesium. Maybe too much is a problem too. :confused: Not sure, just doing what's right for me. I know the twitching can actually be a good sign according to TML but so annoying I try to avoid it.

As far as the eye problems go I personally am really surprised your doctors don't know anything about this. I lost the vision in my left eye and it was very blurry what I could see and that is when they gave me all the steroids that really fouled me up. I think a lot of doctors believe steroids are the answer to every illness. :eek: It was my downfall. I can see out of the left eye almost as well as the right but there isn't as much light in what I see as the right. One of the first things Dr. Crist did when I visited him was the visual acuity test and Dr. Jernigan does this too so my guess would be that they feel the eyes can be involved. The Healing Lyme book also talks about how the bacteria love the viscous make-up of the eye also and that's coming from a master herbalist who researched this disease from every angle. I'm not quite sure why your doctors never connected the dots on this one. I can't believe they have never had patients with eye problems. Hope this helps.


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