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Re: IgeneX tests
Mar 25, 2006
Hi Prema and Frango,

I would comment further then I usually do :rolleyes: but I am having a bad day today with bad cramps from my period. Uggggggg!

Anyway, below are thoughts written by a well-known LLMD:

There are nine known Borrelia burgdorferi genus specie specific KDA Western Blot antibodies (bands): 18 23 30 31 34 37 39 83 and 93.

Only one of these Borrelia burgdorferi genus specie specific bands is needed to confirm that there is serological evidence of exposure to the Borrelia burgdorferi spirochete and can confirm a clinical diagnosis of Lyme disease.

[B]CDC[/B] Western Blot IgM surveillance criteria includes only two Borrelia burgdorferi genus specie specific antibodies for IgM 23 and 39 and excludes the other seven Borrelia burgdorferi genus specie specific antibodies.

[B]CDC[/B] Western Blot IgG surveillance criteria includes 18 23 30 37 39 and 93 and excludes bands 31 34 and 83.

It does not make sense to exclude any Borrelia burgdorferi genus specie specific antibodies in a Lyme Western Blot IgG and to include only two of these antibodies in IgM because all the antibodies in IgG were once IgM.

[I]IgM converts to IgG in about two months unless there is a persisting infection driving a persisting IgM reaction.[/I]

This is the case with any infection including the Borrelia burgdorferi induced Lyme disease.

[B]CDC wrongfully [/B] includes five non-specific cross-reacting antibodies in its Western Blot surveillance criteria: 28 41 45 58 and 66.

This leads to the possibility of false positive Lyme Western Blots.

There can be no false positives if only Borrelia burgdorferi genus specie specific antibodies are considered. One can have a CDC surveillance positive IgG Lyme Western Blot with the five non-specific antibodies without having any Borrelia burgdorferi genus specie specific antibodies.

[B]This does not make sense. [/B]

CDC recommends that the Lyme Western Blot be performed only if there is a positive or equivocal Lyme ELISA. In my practice of over 7000 children with Lyme disease, 30% with a CDC positive Lyme Western Blot have negative ELISA’s.

The Lyme ELISA is a poor screening test. An adequate screening test should have false positives not false negatives.
Re: IgeneX tests
Mar 26, 2006
Thanks Jules, I have the book, not thinking today.
Thanks fango,
My ELISA test from Quest was postive 1.4. I also tested postive at Lab Corp, ELISA 1.47 back in 2000. Of course all dr's I saw said, if your Western blot is negative you don't have Lyme. Probably why I'm so sick today.


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