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Hi Everyone,

Well I'm fairly new to this board and I'v been seeing alot of stuff about the Igenix lab testing. I'v had severe eye problems now for about 2.5 years or so and I strongly believe it's from lymes disease. I recently contacted Igenix and they sent me out a whole kit of stuff to bring to my Doctor to have me tested for. I was wondering what everyone on here who has been tested through Igenix has been tested for. I mean what test should I have my Doctor do from this kit they have sent me. There is a list in the kit but wow are some of them expensive.

I was also wondering if anybody on here who has been diognosed with lymes ever gets the chills that you can not control no matter what you do. I get these chills once in awhile almost as if you were sick with the flu but only I get them 100 times worse then normal. It's like my body is fighting off an infection or something. I can be just laying in bed and the next thing I know these chills come on and It get's to the point where I almost can't even talk. Then once I get them under control in a blanket if I move ever so slightly and air hits my skin they start again.

I was told by a Doctor about 3 years ago that I had MS and he was about 80% sure of it and that I should get to a neurologist ASAP. So I went and all they did was put me in limbo for the last 3 years with unanswered questions. I'v had MRI's done, EEG's,nerve test, spinal punture,and every blood test inmaginable. The MRI showed lesions but the neuro said they were unspecific for MS. All the blood work that I'V had done showed no signs of Lymes at all, so the Doctors claim. But my symptoms are getting worse including my vision,memory loss,tremors, unexplained pain in joints,dissiness,sever muscle spasms,night blindness,severe blurriness to bright lights,floaters, and the lsit goes on.

Well I hope I did not boar anybody with this but if your reading this your probably in the same boat I'm in. I just want to start feeling better I'm a 30 year old male in Law Enforcement school and I'm losing my career to this illness.

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