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hi kyle, welcome to this family! sorry we have you here but happy we can help you in whatever you will need.. i remeber i had my bull eye rash in july of last year, and after a month, the only symtoms i would have besides pain in the lession, very hot, and itchy, was mild leg pains,and that momnt i didnt really pay attention to the symtpms, since i though was an allergy or parasite, thts what doctors said, so was normal for me the mild symptoms, i might have mopre but didint pay attencion, but i do remember the chills beause thats when i bought a termometer thinking i migh have temperature, but really didint have temperature, from other peolple from these posts, i think everybody have gotten the chills.. but with in months i had develope more and more symtoms..i would recommend you to keep a diary of your symtoms and get tested at can star with the igm and igg wich is cheaper then the complete pannel, those 2 are $195, better to have your test done without taking abx and try to see a llmd, because seing other doctors is just a waste of energy, time and money, believe, now , at this point, i know more aboput lyme that any reputable doctor inperu, i am the one teaching all of them......... really sad....
big hug and good luck!

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