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Hi to Prema and everyone else,

I am in the process of ordering some tests through IgeneX, i printed out the kit request form and will see my GP on monday to talk to him about it. You had mentioned that some insurances may cover the testing through IgeneX?? Do you know which ones? I have horizon blue cross blue shield, should I call my insurance Co and ask? Won't they tell me just to get tested through Lab Corp (which i did already and of course it came back negative)? If you could please give me a little more info on this I would be greatly appreciative.

Thank you and be well,
Hi Michele,

I live on the East coast but I don't think it matters if you have a major health plan, such as Horizon Blue Cross. What you need to do, though, is have your [I]doctor's office[/I] call to request the preauth. You could call first and inquire as to whether they will preauthor for services outside their network. This is what I did and was told how to go about doing that. From what I understand, most insurances have the ability to authorize but, of course, they do not advertise this. You have to ask.

I don't know if a gp would be amenable to doing this. Have you thought about seeing an LLMD? I would think they could better argue your case because they understand all the nuances of the disease and why this particular testing is so important.

Wishing you all the best with this!


I did the same thing Prema is talking about last year for my testing. Just FYI make sure the CPT codes you request match exactly what Igenex will be charging. In other words if Igenex BILLS several CPT code for a test you need to make sure that is how you request the pre-auth. My ins co approved the pre-authr last year for my tests but when the bill came there were more CPT codes on the bill that the ins co didn't approved. Discrepancy between Igenex's price sheet and actual bill (not cost just # of CPT codes) Hope I'm making sense.

Anyway by doing thje pre-auth they paid most of the bill and probabally would have paid the whole thing if I had appealed it in the right time frame.

Tried the pre-auth again recently to have my daughter tested but was denied and they said Labcorp and Quest are able to do this testing. Fighting with them on that now. Will have her tested at Igenex regardless of their decision.

Good luck. Hope you can get your GP to help you out with the pre-auth.

our insyrance cover igenex testing (UHC) but you pay first then they cover 90% on reimbursement

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