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Thanks for asking about my dr visit. alot has happened to me since you have been gone. About the time you left Larry and I had food poisioning on a Fri night. He had a light case. Mine was severe. I was unable to keep any food or sips of water or pills down. I misses all pills for 2 nights. I did run fluid bags Sat and Sun. Then when I went back to LLMD I was having alot of shoulder, sub clavian pain, neck pain. It reminded me of what my lyme disease was like right after I became infected.

I was given the meds to continue IV (and I am in a battle with BCBS NC who doesn't want to pay.) The next day I infused my meds. My pain was worse. My daughter mentioned a bruise on my chest. I looked at my shoulder and saw a web of purplish black veins very angry looking. I then realized my shoulder was swollen. My wrist and ring finger were swollen. I call Jemsek office and was told to go to Urgent Care for possible DVT. The doctor there KNEW MORE THAN I DID. He said it was either an infection or a reaction to the drug. He wouldn't consider DVT deep venious thrombosis. The nurse said she thought that I sould have been sent to WS Hospital. That doctor was not going to list to someone who had lyme. He had her flush the line to open it up. Didn't work. I was in alot of pain.

The next morning I called Jemsek and they said to come in. The Nurse said she thought the picc line needed to be wiggles. But before that I had to go to Lake Norman Regional Hospital and have a scan to show any DVTs. I did have bracial dvts and sub clavian dvts. The hospital pulled the pick line. The radiologist called Dr Jemsek and He in turn call a Hemotologist Dr Chai. I was placed on lovelox blood thinning shots in the am and pm. painful. I do these myself in the stomach area. I think I have 4 days left. Then last Thrusday Dr Chai put me on warafin with the lovelox. I'm to go tomorrow and get a pt to check clotting time.

My lyme treatment had to be put on hold until we get this treatment stabalized. I'm hopeing to resume lyme and babesia treatment soon. They say any meds taken will affect my pt time. So we will try to hold off restarting treatment for couple weeks.

I do know that I have my lyme headache back, ears full, feel bad. Just another bump in the road.

I was feeling good for a few days. really pretty good. but not now.

Thanks for asking about me. My prayers for you is that God restore your brain function to before lyme.


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