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Hi all,

Yesterday I had a great day! I first went to see my psychiatrist and we talked about Lyme Disease once again.

He is treating other patients that have Lyme (which is not the reason I see him but that makes me feel good).

Anyway, he told me that he knows that Lyme causes bipolar and manic disorders besides other neurological disorders. I was surprised that he knew all this.

He also told me that most medications do more harm than good because of Lyme (meaning antidepressants and ssri uptake inhibators). I take Paxil for panic disorder and he told me I was lucky that the paxil has a "good" effect on me because of the lyme bacterias in the brain, he said most lymies can't take it.

He did say that sometimes a medication like Klonopin does help with the anxiety caused by Lyme.

I wanted to ask him more questions but he always asks me questions about what's going on in my life and we don't have that much time together (he likes to give me advice like a big brother). Yeah, I adore this guy!

Thought that was interesting,

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