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Re: To moecasey
Mar 30, 2006

I think it is important not to jump into panic mode. If you are experiencing late stage symptoms of Lyme, then my guess is you have been dealing with this illness for a while. It didn't happen overnight, so it won't go away over night. People are very quick to want to take medicine for every single symptom, and they are willing to try all sorts of naturopathic treatments as well. Unless you have been on abx for a long time with no result, my suggestion is to stick with one course of treatment for a while. By trying everything in the book all at once, you won't know what is actually helping you or causing you problems. I suggest you solely take the abx for a while until you get a handle on that with no adverse problems. It is easier to track progress over a period of weeks or months by following one treatment plan. Once you determine whether or not the abx are helping, you can then add one thing, like a supplement to see if you have a negative or positive result. One thing I see on these types of boards is that people try this and that and jump back and forth. They have no way of really seeing what is helping or hurting. This just takes patience....and a lot of it.

Good luck to you.

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