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Re: Scareee
Apr 2, 2006
hi jules!!! all this comes from the begginign whem everything started......last day in brasil july, i get like a kosquito bite that grows and grows, like an fried egg, back to peru see many doctors didiint know... after 10 ays starst fading but a new one growiing, same arm, doctor suspect a parsite, a larva migrans, o month and a weeks oain in chest, fever.. cat scan shoing lession on lung, lung operation, biopsy said infecction , either bacterial or parasite.. doctor believe a parasite called gnatosthome, 20 days of anti parasitc medicine... started my low fevers, pains in legs, arms, ribs, anxiuos, all all my symptoms, blood sent to tahiland, they run 10 parasite test, only positive but low positive trichinella, saw 5 doctors of infecctionms disease here, all said cant be trichinosis, i would have diffrent symptoms, took mebendazole any way, 20 days..also i dont eat pork, i just eat chicken... doctor said tyo test trichinella in 3 months, last week igg low posive, igm negative, doctor still believe i dont have that..exppalins to me that sometimes when you have bacterias or parasites, blood test can give cross reaccions..bricelosis... same thing, havin a bone marrow tomorrow, 80 percent accurate test...vhdl once for syphilis , comes negtie, but rpn positive, they are running another tests for syphilis on tuesday..lyme, indeterminate, and all those infeccions have the same symtoms........its been there since july.. just feeling worse and worse, no answer-...i am going nuts....dont know anymnnore what make sense and what dont.. i dont think doctors know either.......igg means past, igm means present... but if i took medice for trichinosis, why is higher than before?trichinosis is not that rare in peru, so why doctors keep telling me i dont have that? and still showing on my tests? and was done here in peru and tailand..syphilis and lyme are which one i have.. one is indeterminate, the other one test positive, both can be equivocal, both can be right or just one... which one?? sooo hard all this...thank you for listening me!

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