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Many thanks to all who replied and expressed support. :angel: :angel:

I'm still at a bit of a loss as I have no idea what has caused this setback. I don't even know what to try next. The doctor's office is no help, they are just saying to wait until my next appointment which is two months away.

I am kind of feeling like my whole system is just overtoxified, so I am seriously considering taking a two week break from meds and just drinking a lot of water and seeing how I feel after that. This whole downslide started after I was on the Ketek, and here I'd been sure it was killing germs because of the herx I'd experienced. I wonder if it also just overloaded my liver a bit, even though the liver panel came back normal. Maybe I just need a break to get cleared out and caught up. I also suspect this may be a Bartonella flare up, as the Ketek/Mepron combo did not address the Bartonella. The most recent combo, Mino/Sepra, does affect Bartonella and I have noticed very slight improvement. Also, I hadn't taken Flagyl for the months I was on Ketek, so I wonder what the cysts were doing.

More than just about anything else right now I really wish I could go and stay someplace else for a while, about a month would be great but even a week would help. But I have no family to speak of and no friends that I could stay with so I don't know where I could go. I really feel like I need to get out of this environment, then I feel nearly certain that things would turn around.
Hi Tinuviel:

I am sorry you are having a hard time. Hang in there as this may be another Herx. I googled Ketek and bartonella since both myself and my LLMD suspect that I have bartonella. He told me it would work on bartonella. Sure enough there are studies out there that show that Ketek is effective against bartonella. I am herxing now big time-major fatigue, chills, dizziness, but one interesting thing- I have had these "spider vein" looking things on my legs for the past 4 years or so. I thought it was from my pregnancies and that extra baby weight. Well, I lost a bunch of weight and these veins got worse instead of better. Since I have been sick they are even worse. I googled bartonella rash images and I'll be damned if some of them don't look exactly like what I have on my legs. Since I started this Ketek/Ceftin combo they are going away. Maybe, you are still herxing.


P.S. in Burrascano's latest guidelines he says to expect strong and prolonged herxes with ketek and on another lyme website I saw that people mentioned that they had seen mention of ketek and cure in the same sentence. Boy, wouldn't that be nice.

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