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HI Brid.

You say old friends from childhood i think?

Lyme can stay in your body and lay dorment, and when you are bitten a second time, its accelrated.

Is there any tick collecting programme where you grew up, any logged cases of Lyme atall.?

Your friend is lucky to have found you and you him, i would love to have some one i can look at face to face and know they understand, and with no ignornance.

An old friend stopped by today, teh 1 that is not any help and dismisses me for being on the sofa all day. With comments like well anyone feels dizzy if they get up to quick, DUUU

Well her hubby to be, has been off work 9 weeks apparently due to a problem with his blood taht they cant pin down, and it all started with teh flu.

This young man is teh son of the man that i lived with in France in 2002 and who witnessed my bite.
I tried to warn them he has infection in his field but no one cares to listen.

i wouldnt wish this on anyone, but people are so quick to judge, bet they soon want to know me when they dont get any answers.

Keep up teh good work brid spread teh word.

Jules xx

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