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I'm on rocephin 5 days with the pic line now. Also biaxin and plaquenil. I flare constantly since the increase from 3 days. My flares are extremely intense in my muscles. I feel much worse at times than before antibiotics 8 months ago. IV 4 of those months. I try not to worry as much. My body feels like the meds are moving everything around. I cant explian how messeed up my muscles and tendons are from this. I get swelling in tendons during flares and occasional bruising where theres pain. NOBODY SEEMS TO HAVE MY SYMPTOMS. Thats what freaks me out.

It sounds like your having a flare/herx. I hear many success stories of people that have been cured. I understand what you mean about not many people being cured on this site. It makes me wander too. It may take two years or whatever, as long as you have a doc that will adjust your treatment.

When I started rocephin, i said to the lady next to me, Does this really work? She said this is my last treatment, I feel great and couldnt walk into the office 6 months ago. Everyone I talk to knows someone that has had lyme and I hear they are better. Some people still go for visits once and a while. Stay positive, thats the only thing you can do.

Good Luck!!

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