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I am pretty sure that the neuroantitox basic is different from the Pale Spike. I am saying that because the pale spike and silphtrin is a new product and only comes in a liquid form. If you look at the label the new combination would only would see pale spike lobelia and silphtrin. there are several neuroantitox formulas and if it has more ingredients than just just pale spike and silphitrin then it is a different formula.

One dropper full three times a day is may not be enough. I started with 3 droppers full 6 times a day. Not that I am recommending that you do that (I was tested for that amount). I had sooo much ammonia in my heart, liver, and brain, I needed a lot. But one dropper full is pa really low amount. You can increase it slowly and just see what your body tells you. My point is that it is safe in any amount.

Denise answered the alcohol question so I won't answer that again!

But how long did it take to notice results. That is tougher. You have to remember that I was not doing abx and had never done them. They are harder on the body and don't build it up. So I can only answer it from the stand point of what I was doing.

The first time I was in Kansas for 3 weeks. I was doing a lot better when I came home. Was hiking 7 miles! But I was doing sooooo many different things. Remember, I was really sick and my liver was shutting down. But I couldn't hold on to the progress so I returned to Kansas a 2nd time. My liver was up and running but I again had the ammonia in my heart and brain. then had a Spect scan that showed how much damage the ammonia had caused in my brain (and I was having the syptoms to match this info!). So I made another trip to Kansas and sure enough, no ammonia in my liver or heart, but definitely in my brain.

So the brain is the big thing I am working on now. So how much better am I? If my feet didn't hurt so much I would say I am 75% better. But because they hurt so much I can't do all the sports that I loved doing so much. So I would estimate my progress a little lower. It is possible that my feet are connected to my brain, and as it heals my feet will do. I am holding onto that!

so, while Denise got good results with just a few products, I had to use a lot more. I know that Maureen has not seen good result with her abx and Dr. J's products, so I don't know how much the abx interfere. But I am guessing that on such a low dose you will not see a lot of improvement. I am not a Dr. and can only judge that by the posts you have made on how you feel. I certainly could be wrong!! So you will have to experiment.

But I do know that I have not herxed on any of Dr. J's products. that is a blessing because I did have herxes on the Samento and so I know what those are like.

Sorry this is so long, but I am trying to be as honest as I can in answering your questions. these are wonderful products and they go after the ammonia in an amazing way, but remember, it is ultimately your body that will get strong enough to get well.

I am excited that you are taking these products and praying for better days ahead for you!!


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