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Hi Lymesgal:

Thanks for the info. There was someone on another board who goes to Dr. D and was on abx for 26 months. This person sounded really bad and now has their life back. Some others were talking about what a great success rate he has so naturally I was wondering what he does.

I have been on ceftin/ketek for only 4 weeks, but I did ceftin alone before that for 4 months and doxy for a month before that. My llmd says that I was on the right track but getting subtherapeutic doses. I did herx, so hopefully I killed off some of those crittters. I have also heard really good things about ketek for lyme so I am hopeful, but I have lost my job and am having a hard time getting disability as they don't seem to recognize lyme as being disabling. I want to try anything that will give me back the ability to drive. I know the plaquenil is supposed to kill the cyst form of lyme which can lay dormant for years, so you'd think people on this protocl might have less chance for relapse? I don't know. Ketek is similar to biaxin, maybe I could ask about dropping the ceftin and doing plaquenil.

Thanks for the help- we'll get better soon...


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