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Dear Jules,

I just wanted to jump in here and say that Dr. Crist states that 90% of all lyme patients have "hypercoagulation". I know that is why Shanna is doing heparin shots. I am pretty sure Marsha is doing this because of the clot problem with her picc-line but who knows maybe it ws a problem even before then.

I had the test done at Dr. Crist's in October ($450) and mine actually came back okay although I kind of got the feeling from Dr. Crist that he doubted the results. He said if they were true I would be in the category of 10% who don't have it. I really wonder about this and think maybe the thick blood is keeping the die-off from leaving my body and that is why I can't seem to see any progress. Even with the negative he discussed the advantages of heparin therapy but not sure I could do it. :eek:

He does offer something called lumrokinasse (sp), orals, that basically does the same thing. The odd thing is that when I was seeing the homeopath last year who does muscle testing with magnets he determined that something called natokinasse would help my problem. I only took it for a month but of course since then I have discovered the "thick" blood can be a problem with lyme. I think it's interesting because my visit to him was just $35 but the blood test with Dr. Crist was $450. The question is which one was right. I tend to think the homeopath because you know how lab testing goes. :rolleyes: I keep wondering if I should see him (homeopath) again and see if it is still needed. It may be what would turn me around. :confused:

Then again I think maybe a low dose aspirin every day would help the situation too. Not sure about that and will have to investigate. Hope this helps. Maybe you can research the above supplements (meds) and form your own opinion.

Hope you are having a good Easter.


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