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Hi all,

Jules, by accident I came across these Detox Food Pads called "Detox Chi Foot Patches" and I thought of you with your rashes.

Don't know if they would help but thought I would mention it. These Chi Foot Patches patches uses pure powdered wood and bamboo vinegar along with other natural ingredients to extract toxins from our bodies.

This results in improved blood circulation, as well as easing muscle and joint pains. In addition, it has Far-Infrared and Negative Ion emissions known to promote "better sleep"! I never tried these food pads myself so I don't know if they really work. I detox in other ways.

Frango, I also don't think that every person who has MS, ALS or Lupus have Lyme, though I do question the Lupus diagnosis. Hair loss is so common in Lyme, when I first joined this board, there were so many threads from Lymies that talked about losing their hair.

I think the bottom line is a compromised immune system, no matter what is causing it. It all has to start somewhere with some type of bacteria, right?

It's just that Lyme is getting bigger all the time and so many doctors are saying that Lyme is such an epidemic right now and is only getting bigger.

I think of how many people get blood transfusions that didn't have any lyme spirochetes prior to that, and how they don't test blood for any lyme bacterias, very scary!

That's why I believe in building the immune system as much as possible using supplements that are out there.

Personally, I think there is a connection between all the different strains of Bb and other diseases. Right now, we only know of 300 strains, I believe there are so many more strains that research will unfold in the near future.

Of course no one wants to be sick with any disease, it takes away so much, and in a way, I am glad I became infected with Lyme, it opened my eyes up and taught me so much about myself and my life. If I can make a difference (and I am trying to) for all the sick people out there, perhaps it was meant for me to get sick. :) I believe there is a reason for everything in life.

Hope you feel better,

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