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Hi Guys:

Jules: I have heard of that rash somewhere before-can't remember what it was associated with. I will rack my foggy brain and get back to you on that one.

Denise: I agree with you, some of those other diseases sound very similar to lyme. I don't think [I]all[/I] MS, ALS or Lupus is caused by lyme but I do think that some of those diseases are caused by lyme that was either not recognized, misdiagnosed or undertreated and that it has caused so much damage that the body's ability to function normally has broken down. I think that however hard some of those diagnosis may be to swallow, those of us who are chronic and in this for the long haul need to be aware of and accept the fact that this may be the case. I hope for all of our sakes that that is not the case, but look at Jon...

As far as CFS and Fibromyalgia goes? Well, my opinion is that those are bogus "diagnosis" for patients where the Dr's can't figure out what is going on. I am highly suspicious of lyme for those diagnosis.

I am on my fourth week of Ketek and that is supposed to be when the herx's kick in. I have found that to be the case and have started to experience some of the stuff that I had not had for a long time.

My hair has been falling out again and I know lupus causes hair loss so I just started looking at some of the threads on the lupus board. There are some stricking similarities between lupus and lyme- almost even more than MS-and some differences as well. In my case my ANA was negative, my lyme test is becoming more reactive the more I get into treatment-had another one done by my llmd from Igenex and now I have more reactivity on the same bands plus band 93 shows up now. BUT, I have seen some people say that it can take 2- 10 years to diagnose lupus and we all know that is the case with MS too and that ANA's can fluctuate like IgM's for lyme can. These people are also talking about joint pain, fatigue, rashes, tremors, hyper-coagulation of the blood and so on. I don't want to have lupus, I don't want to have MS, I don't want to have lyme, I don't want to have ALS. Could there be a connection between lyme and these other diseases- yes, Or could it just be a function of the fact that all of these disease are auto-immune disorders that cause the body to attack itself? We may never know but I hope in my life time we find out and can all be cured. :)


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