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Re: Die off.
Apr 23, 2006
Hi cooty, welcome to the board. You are in a good place when you hang out here, the company is excellent and the advice is always solid.

Sorry you're having a tough time with minocycline. I have been on abx for about two years now and have taken about 14 different kinds. One thing I have learned through experience is that if something isn't working for me, there is always something out there that I can take instead. There are many antibiotics and quite a few that are very effective. Maybe this is not the right time to be on mino and it may be that you need to switch for a while until your body gets some more lyme toxins out.

It's important that you communicate with your doctor everything that is happening and work toward a solution so that you have a decent quality of life. This abx treatment may go on for a while, so take control of what you take and if you are really hurting to the point where the side effects are just as bad as the lyme effects, maybe you could think about switching for a while.

Also, detoxification is crucial. If your body is having trouble getting lyme toxins out, get serious about helping your body do the job. Do everything you can, including dry skin brushing, detox baths, infrared sauna, lymphatic drainage massage, drinking lots of water, mustard foot baths, and neurotoxin relief such as pale spike lobelia, and anything else that you can do to keep your system moving that stuff out.

Good luck, I hope you feel better soon.

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